Tuesday, July 24, 2012

this past few months

 Chelle and I were able to take two cooking classes in Vermont this last visit. Bread  the staple of life which we don't eat much of anymore but fun to learn!!
 Sierra Janes birthday dinner with Gma. Sushi Hanna's of course!!
 Lavendar Festival time. Beautiful Girls!!
 Zuri making her special lavandar wand! Smells sooooo gooooddd.
 With the Larson's during the Fourth of July. Maddie in Awe of the fireworks! Eddie covering his ears, Lars grabbing his momma cousin sisters taking it all in with photo's Grandpas showing off his white 's below his shorts..hmmm
 Just some of the beautiful Landscaping Nathan is in charge of for all the wedding's at the lodge.
 More of the same, We have one more species of flowers to bloom and then all the colors will be there. Just breath taking!!
 Emily and Tyson's wedding. Uncle David and Aunt Eva's youngest daughter.
 Dot walking!! Yep with her lavandar fairy outfit and wand..
 Time for fair and some of this yuumy stuff!! This was last year..
And more of this... Kennedy is showing a steer and a heifer this year.. Hurray for traditions!!

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